Welcome HSP Practitioners

The Foundation for Highly Sensitive Physiology was established in 2023 to create a multifaceted ecosystem for people living life through the lens of highly sensitive physiology. The Foundation is here to support both you and your clients in the following ways:

A New Model for Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health

Based on decades of research, the Foundation is launching a new model for mental health in America. This model takes into account the presence of highly sensitive physiology as an evolutionary reality, and hones in on the critical roles of gut health and the role that insulin plays in the body. More information coming soon.

HSPConnection ☺️

Purpose: Help people with HSP find and connect with each other.

HSP Search Tool

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The Foundation operates on a core principle that people with HSP can significantly improve their quality of life by spending time with other people who experience life the same way. As you know, HSP can bring with it a sense of being “different” and experiences of feeling misunderstood and unseen. These experiences can develop into chronic loneliness and isolation for some.

An important resource for children, teens, and adults with HSP is the ability to find, and spend time, with others who experience life this way. To this end, HSPConnection was developed with a geographic search tool to find HSP friends, other parents, etc…

Additional HSP resources available at HSPConnection are:

  • Weekly support calls including general checkins and health topics.
  • Topical discussion groups (i.e., high sensitivity, nature, music, art, etc…)
  • Information forums

HSPDirectory 🗺️

Purpose: Make HSP services, resources, and products easy to find in any given city.

The HSP Directory is a commercial aspect of the ecosystem that:

  • Allows people with HSP to find local therapists, doctors, schools, organic farms and food suppliers, etc.. that have an understanding of highly sensitive physiology.
  • Provides a worldwide map of HSP meetups.
  • Provides a product directory of products designed for, or enjoyed by people who are highly sensitive.

Growing Membership In The US, Europe, Australia & Japan:

Foundation for Highly Sensitive Physiology

Purpose: Address the educational needs of people with HSP.

A nonprofit dedicated to developing parenting and educational resources for HSP children, HSP parents, and Educators. Included in the mission is a goal to be developmentally screening children for HSP and providing them, their parents, and their educators with resources and eventually an educational track designed specifically for children with HSP.

About the Term “Highly Sensitive Physiology”

Briefly, why the term highly sensitive physiology?

The term acknowledges the fact that somewhere between 20 and 30% of the general population are born with a different evolutionary strategy present within their physiology. This strategy, or “approach to life” produces a different perceptual experience of life.

This is by nature’s design and is found in multiple species.

Because the subject is so new however, and because HSP is possessed by a natural minority, the topic is hardly understood at all by doctors or the vast majority of therapists.